About Us

CEO & Lead Developer
Jason Dreher

With 11 years of frontend and backend website development for businesses small and large, Jason has both the experience and passion for helping others understand the importance of their web presence. A background in computer science and a natural affinity for computers allows Jason to help you maximize the potential of your website, from the ground up. Whether it involves eCommerce, blogging, or a simple informational site, Mountain Goat Websites can help create a dynamic, functional, and beautiful site that will help serve your needs.

Mountain Goat Websites was created to focus on quality as well as the safety of your company’s best communication tool. Too many websites are left vulnerable to hackers though a lack of updates and security protocols. If the worst happens and a website is wiped out, having a secure backup is critical in bringing your business back online and running again. Mountain Goat Websites has developed a service to ensure that your site is safe, defended, and able to recover quickly after any malicious actions.

Navigate the web like a mountain goat, sure-footed and secure with a clear path forward!